Thursday, 28 September 2017

Menshed group

Caleb has recently joined the Menshed group to learn some woodwork skills. Tyler is turning out to have a particular flair for this!

Gardens finally planted

After a term of growing plants from seed, we have managed to get them in the ground. Let's hope it rains a little in the holidays so they can become more established. Thanks to Mrs Kerse for all her hard work.

A school of fish

The back of our cubby hole boxes that we keep our bags in have had a facelift! Lots of fish were painted by Y5/6 earlier in the year as part of a team building day and we have finally managed to get them on display! Don't they look great so far!

 Spot the fish along the top of the veranda - I think they are checking out our science fair!

Mini Science Fair

Y7/8 have been carrying out science investigations over the last part of term and we shared our results in a mini science fair on the last day. It was great to see a range of experiments, hypotheses, fair testing and a lot of scientific language and learning! Well done guys.

Paper Mache Masks/Heads

We have finally finished painting our masks or head that we made from paper mache. This has been an ongoing project all term and they have turned out really well. Can you spot the bee, the unipork, the twins and the alien?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Election voting

We watched the party leaders answer questions from some school children and discussed policies for each party before making our own decision and voting.  It was good for the children to learn about MMP and think about what they are passionate about as they consider their own choices in 6 years or so and the future of our country. Year 5-8 took part in the voting with Labour winning overall.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Science experiments in groups

Children carried out their own investigation in a group and have prepared a science board showing what their experiment was all about, including their results. These will be shared with the other classes in our syndicate.

Experiments included making lava lamps, bending water, making slime, testing liquid density, checking for egg freshness, air pressure, soap/detergent reactions in liquids and how skittles' colours react in water.